Become A “Toss Boss” And Support The Movement To Protect 1 Million People By 2018 And 1 Billion People By 2022 From Poison For Profits

What’s a Toss Boss? It’s someone who takes ownership and pride in your health and the health of your family by tossing out the toxics and replacing with the good stuff!

Now that you are aware of the truth, there is no turning back. You can’t ignore the calling to do something about this for the greater good. You are now committed to protecting your family from Poison For Profits.

Be a Proud “Toss Boss” and Wear Your Limited edition TOSS OUT TOXICITY shirts each month

Out goal is to raise 10K each month to help test 30 products and make sure they are true to their ingredient list. 50% of the profits from each shirt will go towards testing and the other 50% goes towards spreading more awareness online.

Every shirt you buy helps you protect you and your family more effectively.

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