Hints From The Universe

So in 2008 I began what I call my personal fight against the “Poison For Profits” industry. When my first daughter Lilly was born, she began to have major eczema all over her elbows and knees and major allergies to different foods.

I was already living a healthy life. However out of curiosity and some concern, I Really looked into the why autism, allergies, ADHD, and other pediatric inflammatory diseases were skyrocketing.

Then it SHOCKED me. It was like I chose the Blue pill in the matrix and had the ugly and shocking truth revealed to me. We were living in a world that was completely dominated by the chemical industry. I found out that chemicals didn’t have to be tested to be safe before they released it onto and into our food and our everyday products.

So I took my knowledge of how the body chemistry works (I used to teach physiology for the PT program for Rutgers)  and my medical degrees to use. I started to learn everything I could about the chemicals and their natural alternatives.

To this day, when my daughters get sick, we give them natural remedies instead of drugs. I have personally only taken antibiotics once in my life (they made me after oral surgery).  I used to suffer from horrible seasonal allergies and had horrible skin breakouts event when I was 32 years old.

From switching everything over to non toxic products and using natural remedies, there has been profound effect. Not only do I feel better but I’ve incorporated this approach to my practice and my patients heal faster!

When the video of my daughter with the lip gloss went viral, it was a push for me to launch this movement. From the comments I can see SO MANY people were fed up with the Poison For Profits phenomenon but didn’t have a platform, a tool, a way to fight back.

So I saw that obstacle as an opportunity and create Toss Out Toxicity for YOU.

Our Mission is to empower 1 Million people by April 24th 2018 and 1 Billion people by April 24th 2022 to fight back and end the poison for profits phenomenon.

We live And Stand By These Core Values.

Together anything is possible

Obstacles into opportunities

Simplify by tossing out the unnecessary

Sustainable Solutions instead of quick fixes