detox programs and their effects on life

What can you do about the 300+ chemicals in your body?


One approach is to use a detox program.

Watch this video to see f a detox program fits your lifestyle and “life approach

As you can see, there is a process when it comes to detoxing your body.

Now if you have not been eating healthy and you know that you feel “off”. You can use a product to “Kickstart” the process of detoxifying your body. One of the best and most natural products on the market is made by NatureWise called Total Colon Care.

Use it in conjunction with a plan to eat more vegetables and less foods from a box or a bag will keep your body as healthy as possible and detox your body on a daily basis. Detox your body

Now, let’s talk about some other things you can do to “detox” every day     Now some of the most common chemicals you can avoid comes from your bottled water and your clothes…

Let me explain…

The plastic from your bottled water contains a harmful chemical called BPA. It’s used to shape the plastic from little beads into the bottle during the manufacturing process. However that chemical never sticks to the plastic and once used, it constantly goes into the air (or in that case the water you are drinking).

What does it do?

Well, the BPA acts like an evil estrogen to make you gain weight. It slows down your metabolism, and if it toxic for your brain. It’s been linked to breast cancer. The list goes on and on.   So what’s the solution? Drink filtered tap water! Put it in a glass or stainless steel bottle. It will cost way less,it will have the environment, and it will prevent you from being exposed to the BPA.

You’ll find out how you can get rid of BPA below but let’s talk about Bromine!

It’s a chemical that is sprayed on all clothing and fabric you buy. It’s designed to be a flame retardant (in case you ever catch on fire…). However it easily gets absorbed into your skin and goes into your blood.

Once in, Bromine  binds to your Thyroid hormone (the main hormone that controls your metabolism) and makes it inactive.

It slows your metabolism, causes unwanted weight gain, is neurotoxic and attacks your Thyroid gland. It’s been linked to Thyroid cancer, which was increased 170% between 1999 and 2009.

So what can you do?

Well a simple solution is to wash your new shirt, pants, pillowcases, and any fabric that you wear and touch in the washer with some non-toxic detergent for at least 3-5 cycles before you use it.   That’s it.

(You only need to do this the first time and not every time you wash it)

There is so much to learn about toxic chemicals. The more you are informed, the better protected you will be!




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